Stream of Consciousness

How do we approach the question of causes and implications of a global economic crisis of the magnitude we face today from the perspective of undergraduate economics and business majors? We are far less than qualified, as professionals much more highly educated than ourselves are making careers out of formulating solutions, and coming up with more questions than answers. The problems faced today are unprecedented, and the consequences of decisions policymakers and politicians make today are uncertain. It is a terrifying time, and we sit as students trying to learn by teaching ourselves. This course is not required for any of us, which is an important starting concept. We are here by choice, meeting for an hour or so every other day to bounce ideas off of one another and come up with some sort of better understanding of where our world is and where it is going. This is significant because it is safe to assume that we will each contribute fully to the course, making the situation optimal.
From this course I hope to take a greater understanding of our economy, its international connections and workings, and its driving forces. I hope that we come up with some sort of preliminary understanding of the crisis that we are in, but rationally I can not expect an answer. It seems that in the case of this course we face many questions, and the way that we approach these problems will mold our comprehension. The means justify the ends (or lack thereof) in this case. Let’s hope so at least.

One Response to “Stream of Consciousness”

  1. sgreenla says:

    What are some of the questions we will need to answer about the global implications of the current financial crisis/recession? It’s not enough to say there are questions. What we need to do is start identifying them.