Some of the things we need to figure out/some questions we need to explore before we answer this broad question are:

  • What happened?-what lead to this financial crisis?, what is the history and background to this problem?, how long have the wheels been set in motion towards this crisis?
  • Who are the major players in this crisis? – domestic, international
  • What are the similarities between this financial crisis and past financial crises?  How were these crises solved/fixed?
  • What role does the United States play in international markets?

I am interested in learning and understanding how the United States got into this problem and what lead to it.  By the end of this class, I want to be able to explain to others the current problem and what impact this crisis will have on the current and future Unites States and Global economy.  I also want to learn more about international markets and what role the Unites States plays in them–How do other countries depend on the financial success of the United States and how does the United States depend on other countries?

One Response to “Brainstorming”

  1. sgreenla says:

    This doesn’t really address the question I had in mind: What are the global implications of the current US situation. I meant to take the US financial crisis and recession as givens and go from there. Perhaps I wasn’t clear in my question.