Can men better interpret negative social information?

I was reading an article today about how men are more tolerant of same-sex individuals than women because they have larger social groups and are essentially less picky about who they consider friends. In its final discussion, the authors wrote that “At the most primitive level, females may have lower thresholds than males for sensing negative visual, auditory, or olfactory information in unrelated same-sex individuals. Alternatively, there may be sex differences in thresholds for recognition of negative social signals, which would be consistent with females’ generally greater wariness toward conflict.” I thought this was odd because it seems just as likely that women are better able to sense negative social signals, and that this was why they formed more exclusive groups. But perhaps this is just the cynic in me…


One Response to “Can men better interpret negative social information?”

  1. Mindy Erchull says:

    I’m with you that this is a bit odd. it is true that men tend to have larger social groups than do women, but women also tend to get a bit more credit for understanding emotions and non-verbal cues (Except for lying)…. I may have to look for more details on this study.