Yes, I know class doesn’t start until next week

Our first class is one week from today, so I wanted to give you some information about how we’re going to proceed.  While we are going to study the normal international finance curriculum, we are not going to do so in a traditional way.  Rather, we are going to learn international finance in the context of a collaborative research project.  The research question we will explore is the following:

  • Is the European Monetary System (i.e. the Euro) sustainable in its current configuration?

Recall that I asked you to read Krugman’s Return of Depression Economics before school starts.  So that gives you a week to complete the book.  As you read Krugman, think about how it might speak to this question.  In the meantime, on Monday I will ask you what the research question means to you.

There’s one more question that I’d like you to think about and be prepared to answer on Monday:

  • What courses, experiences or other background do you bring to the group that will help us develop an answer to the research question?

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