What to we need to know to figure out the research question?

  • What is an exchange rate?
  • What is the Euro?
  • What do we mean by sustainable?  ANS: Are all the existing members going to stay with the Euro as a common currency?
  • What would make them leave?
  • What is the Eurozone?  What countries are members?
  • What are the arguments for and against membership?
  • What other countries, outside of the actual members, have a stake?
  • What is the economic status of these countries (i.e. power)
  • What is the political nature of the euro and the EU?
  • What are the criteria to be part of either the EU or the European Monetary System?
  • Furthermore, what are the exceptions to those criteria and the effects of them?
  • What is the history of the Euro and does its background play a role?
  • What does the theory of optimum currency areas state?
  • What was the trigger for the Eurozone crisis?  ANS: 2008 Financial Crisis
  • What was the Great Recession and how, in particular, did it affect the Eurozone?
    • Why has it taken countries, especially in the Eurozone, such a long time to recovery from the Great Recession?
    • What is Quantitative Easing and do you think it will strengthen or weaken the Euro?


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